Friday, August 5, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Yesterday I had another doctor's appointment with my OBGYN to check on the baby. I also had to drink the glucose drink to test for gestational diabetes. I was really worried about having to drink that sugary drink and getting my blood drawn. But, after I drank that drink I realized it simply tasted like a flat sprite which wasn't too bad. An hour after I drank it I went to my doctor's appointment where I had to do a urine sample and give a small sample of my blood. Luckily, I was making a big deal over nothing, and everything went off without a problem. When I saw the doctor she told me that I was in my third trimester already! She also measured my stomach and checked the babies heart beat. Her heart is beating at 150bmp which the doctor said was right where it should be :) She also told me that Jordan needs to look into getting the adult pertussis to protect himself and the baby from getting whooping cough.
My next appointment is in 3 weeks, and after that they will be every two weeks! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by, only 85 days until my due date. Before we know it she's going to be here!
Lately I have been feeling great! I haven't had any nausea or vomiting either. I am sleeping pretty easily still which is great :) I also haven't been having any strange food cravings although I do always want to eat fruit and sweet things like that :)

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