Tuesday, October 2, 2012

11 Months

I can't believe that Kinzlie is already 11 months old and that next month she'll be a year old! I really feel like this past year has just flown by. I love watching Kinzlie grow, but it makes me a little sad also that she's not longer my little baby.
A few fun facts about Kinzlie at 11 months:
-She loves reading story books, and sometimes after a nap I'll look into her room and she is just sitting in her crib looking through her books
-She is getting very good and fast about doing her scootch/slide crawl and can get where she needs to be pretty quickly now
-She has taken about 4 steps on her own and is getting very good at balancing by her self
-Recently she learned how to climb clear up all of the steps but can't quite figure out how to get back down (I have to be very careful about putting up the baby gates at all times now)
-She loves to eat bananas, strawberrys, mixed veggies, and gold fish crackers
-Kinzlie can now drink out of a sippy cup and we are working on getting her to drink from a regular glass
-She can sign more, milk, eat, and sometimes i love you
- She can now wave, and give high 5's (we are working on teaching her to blow kisses)
-She also loves to be outside, go on walks and ride in the jeep
-Kinzlie is wearing 9 to 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes :)
-She is still sleeping in our room but as soon as we get her new room set up she will be sleeping in her crib in her new room
-Kinzlie is very friendly and will let almost anyone hold her as long as she can see momma near by (she is very much a momma's girl)
We love her very much and are excited to see what new adventures we will have together as a family and who she will grow up to be :)

10 Months

Kinzlie is blossoming into such a cute little girl. She loves playing with momma, going on walks, and exploring every where and everything. Her favorite foods are crackers and bananas. She can make funny sounds with her hands and mouth and can clap sometimes too. She is getting quite chunky but I'm sure she'll thin out when she starts walking. She can do a cute scootch/slide across the floor to get where she wants to be. She is growing and developing so much it is so fun to watch her learn more and  more everyday :)