Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Painful Weekend

It all started Wednesday night when Jordan's jaw started hurting, it hurt him so bad that he was unable to sleep through the night. Thursday morning he wasn't feeling any better but decided to tough it out and go to work anyways ( he's such a trooper). But, when he got home that night he went straight to bed for the rest of the night. On Friday when he woke up his face was completely swollen on the right side, this is when I knew that he needed some medical attention. So, I called the dentist and set up an appointment for Saturday morning. Jordan stayed home from work and I didn't have to work so I stayed home and took care of him. Unfortuneately, half way through the day my right side started having a stabbing pain, I didn't think much of it and tried to just ignore it. After about 6 hours I couldn't handle the pain anymore and decided to take some tylenol, luckily it was fast acting and extra strength, and the pain was gone within a few minutes.
Saturday we woke up and took Jordan to the dentist. The dentist took some x-rays of his mouth and discovered that the pain was coming from an ingrown wisdom tooth, and the tooth right next to it that both had infections in them. So, he "popped" those two teeth out, gave us some prescriptions for pain and an antibiotics. We picked up the meds and headed home so that Jordan could rest.
On Sunday we woke up and went to church. Jordan was still in pain but he took a couple to pain pills and was able to make it through all three hours of church, but by the end of it he was definitley ready to go home. When we got home Jordan took some more medicine and started to feel better, but my back/side was starting to act up again. I delt with the pain for the rest of the day, taking 2 tylenol at 6:30pm and 2 more pills at 9:30pm and neither time helped with the pain. I tried to handle to pain for as long as possible but around 12:30am I had had all of the pain that I could handle and told Jordan that we needed to go to the emergency room to see what was wrong. I was worried that I might have a kidney infection or UTI and I definitley didn't want it to get any worse if that's what it was.
So, we got ready and headed to the emergency room. When we got there they took me straight to labor and delivery in a wheel chair. They set me up in a room, took a urine sample, and had me change into a hospital gown. They gave me an IV and gave me some medication to take the edge off. While there I also had an ultrasound and a few percocet for the pain. Come to find out, I had a few kidney stones, and there wasn't much they could do about it until I passed the stones. So, at around 8:30am Monday morning they sent me home with some pain medication and some antibiotics. We picked up the prescriptions and headed home. When we got home we went straight to bed and slept pretty much all day. When we woke up we both were feeling a little better and all was well. Hopefully our pain will stay under control enough so that we can both go back to school and work as soon as possible.

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