Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Painful Weekend

It all started Wednesday night when Jordan's jaw started hurting, it hurt him so bad that he was unable to sleep through the night. Thursday morning he wasn't feeling any better but decided to tough it out and go to work anyways ( he's such a trooper). But, when he got home that night he went straight to bed for the rest of the night. On Friday when he woke up his face was completely swollen on the right side, this is when I knew that he needed some medical attention. So, I called the dentist and set up an appointment for Saturday morning. Jordan stayed home from work and I didn't have to work so I stayed home and took care of him. Unfortuneately, half way through the day my right side started having a stabbing pain, I didn't think much of it and tried to just ignore it. After about 6 hours I couldn't handle the pain anymore and decided to take some tylenol, luckily it was fast acting and extra strength, and the pain was gone within a few minutes.
Saturday we woke up and took Jordan to the dentist. The dentist took some x-rays of his mouth and discovered that the pain was coming from an ingrown wisdom tooth, and the tooth right next to it that both had infections in them. So, he "popped" those two teeth out, gave us some prescriptions for pain and an antibiotics. We picked up the meds and headed home so that Jordan could rest.
On Sunday we woke up and went to church. Jordan was still in pain but he took a couple to pain pills and was able to make it through all three hours of church, but by the end of it he was definitley ready to go home. When we got home Jordan took some more medicine and started to feel better, but my back/side was starting to act up again. I delt with the pain for the rest of the day, taking 2 tylenol at 6:30pm and 2 more pills at 9:30pm and neither time helped with the pain. I tried to handle to pain for as long as possible but around 12:30am I had had all of the pain that I could handle and told Jordan that we needed to go to the emergency room to see what was wrong. I was worried that I might have a kidney infection or UTI and I definitley didn't want it to get any worse if that's what it was.
So, we got ready and headed to the emergency room. When we got there they took me straight to labor and delivery in a wheel chair. They set me up in a room, took a urine sample, and had me change into a hospital gown. They gave me an IV and gave me some medication to take the edge off. While there I also had an ultrasound and a few percocet for the pain. Come to find out, I had a few kidney stones, and there wasn't much they could do about it until I passed the stones. So, at around 8:30am Monday morning they sent me home with some pain medication and some antibiotics. We picked up the prescriptions and headed home. When we got home we went straight to bed and slept pretty much all day. When we woke up we both were feeling a little better and all was well. Hopefully our pain will stay under control enough so that we can both go back to school and work as soon as possible.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy Update-30 Weeks

Today I had my 30 week checkup with my doctor. When I got there they checked my blood pressure, weight, and urine and all were right on track. After that I met with my doctor and she measured my belly and took the babies heart rate, and both were perfect :) I also asked her a few questions about what I should do when my water breaks, who she recommends for a pediatrician, and whether or not I need to preregister at the hospital. Overall it went really well and I can't wait for my next appointment in 2 weeks :)

Lately, I have been feeling baby kick and move around quite often and I have even been charting her daily kick counts. Unfortunatley though, no one else has been able to feel here move, not even Jordan. I have had 1 braxton hicks contraction but it was bad at all. Sleeping isn't causing too much discomfort execpt when I eat something too acidic and have heart burn. Jordan and I have already set up babies craddle in our room, and are preparing everyday for the arrive of our beautiful little bundle of joy :)

And, according to, babies skin is smoothing out and her grasp is strong enough to grab ahold of a finger now. I am currently 30 weeks and 5 days along, and I have about 65 more days until baby gets here!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bull Bonanza 2011

This past weekend Jordan and I decided to go up to the Franklin County Fair and Bull Bonanza. We went up Saturday around 5:00pm. When we got there we looked around at all of the fun craft and jewelry booths then took a seat and enjoyed some of the free entertainment. While there we ran into one of the guys that Jordan works with, Zach, and his family. We talked to them for a little while until the gates were open for the Bull Bonanza. We went into the arena right when the gates opened so that we could get good seats, which we did right by the chutes :) We had so much fun watching all of the bull riders, calf chasers, mutton busters, and mini bull riders. After the Bull Bonanza was over we decided to just go home instead of staying for the free hypnotist show (cause it was getting late and apparently we are getting old lol).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 Year Anniversary

A few days ago Jordan and I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary! We've decided that we'll switch off every other year of who is going to do the planning and this year was my turn. I knew that we couldn't do anything too fancy because of school, work, and trying to get ready for the baby but I still wanted Jordan to be surprised and do something special.
So, I decided that we would go down to Salt Lake for the night, but I wanted Jordan to be surprised so I had him wear a blindfold the whole way down. I even went the back way through Ogden so that he'd be really confused :)
When we got to the Salt Lake we checked into our hotel, The Radisson because that's one of Jordan's favorite hotels. Then when we were in the parking garage I let him take off the blindfold, he was so confused and thought we were in Park City lol! Then we went up to our room and I sat up everything all fancy while Jordan was in the bathroom. The "theme" was Our Love is Timeless so I made him an invitation and put it in his lunch box earlier that day. I also took our wedding scrapbook and wedding video so we could watch it that night. We also made a little time capsule with a love note to each other, an All about me quiz, a flip book of pictures of us, and a few other little things in it. We also played a matching game that I had made that had pictures of our adventures on one card and the details about what we were doing on the other card. (I got these ideas from
While in Salt Lake we went to Crown Burger, the Hogle Zoo, and Smith and Edwards :) The next day we decided to cut into our wedding cake that had been sitting in our freezer for a year. We did eat a little bit of it but it was quit frostbitten and didn't taste very good. But, we did keep up the tradition and that's what counts :) We had so much fun just relaxing and hanging out together! I can't wait till next year to see what Jordan's going to plan (he already told me I have to wear a blindfold no matter where we go lol)

Swensen Family Reunion 2011

Jordan and I had received the invitation to attend the Swensen Family Reunion about a month before the reunion. We were originally planning on going until my car decided to throw a check engine light. We were both worried about driving it so far on the freeway without getting it fixed so we had decided not to go. Then, Saturday night (the night before the reunion) around 6:00pm my dad called to see if we were going to the reunion, we told him probably not and told him the reason. He said we should come any ways and if anything happened to the car he would help us pay for it. So, we decided to go that night, packed up, and were on the way down to Fountain Green in about 20 minutes. Luckily my little car made it there and back home without any problems.
Sunday morning we woke up and headed up the canyon. When we got there we visited with our family, ate a yummy dutch oven dinner, watched a video of my great-grandparents, and roped the little cousins. Jordan and I had so much fun seeing everyone and playing "cowboy" with the cousins. I'm really glad we were able to go and everything worked out the way it was supposed to :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Yesterday I had another doctor's appointment with my OBGYN to check on the baby. I also had to drink the glucose drink to test for gestational diabetes. I was really worried about having to drink that sugary drink and getting my blood drawn. But, after I drank that drink I realized it simply tasted like a flat sprite which wasn't too bad. An hour after I drank it I went to my doctor's appointment where I had to do a urine sample and give a small sample of my blood. Luckily, I was making a big deal over nothing, and everything went off without a problem. When I saw the doctor she told me that I was in my third trimester already! She also measured my stomach and checked the babies heart beat. Her heart is beating at 150bmp which the doctor said was right where it should be :) She also told me that Jordan needs to look into getting the adult pertussis to protect himself and the baby from getting whooping cough.
My next appointment is in 3 weeks, and after that they will be every two weeks! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by, only 85 days until my due date. Before we know it she's going to be here!
Lately I have been feeling great! I haven't had any nausea or vomiting either. I am sleeping pretty easily still which is great :) I also haven't been having any strange food cravings although I do always want to eat fruit and sweet things like that :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Preston Night Rodeo

This past weekend Jordan and I went up to Preston, Idaho. We went to his 5 year class reunion where we had some yummy food and sub zero ice cream. We also talked to some of his classmates and see what everyone is up to theses days. Then, we went to the sidewalk sales that they were having for the Preston Night Rodeo. We saw a lot of cute stuff but nothing we couldn't live without!
After that we went over to Jordan's mom and grandma's house to get some chairs for the parade. We watched the parade with Kirsten, which was pretty good, then we caught some dinner at Big J's with Johnny and Denise. Then, we went to the big rodeo :) Luckily we got reserved seating though because it was packed! We had great seats that were right next to the chutes, which was awesome! The rodeo was great and went until 11:00pm. We had a blast and can't wait to go again next year! :)