Friday, August 27, 2010

School Begins

Jordan and I will both be attending school this fall. Jordan will begin his electrician apprentice coarse September 1st at Bridgerland applied technology college. He will be taking night classes every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. The Electrician apprentice program is a 4 year program, so he's in for the long haul. He is very excited to be going back to school, and I know that he will do great!
I am still attending Utah State University. I am on my third year, and I still love it. I haven't quite decided on a major yet, but by the end of fall semester I will know for sure. I'm trying to decided whether I want to be an accounting major or a psychology major. As of now I am leaning more towards psychology, but we'll see what happens after this semester. I am very excited for school to start and so is Jordan :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

The HoneyMoon

After all of our wedding craziness was over we hopped into the car and headed on down to Park City. We stayed at a place called the Silver Kind Lodge, and it was beautiful. We even had a dishwasher, oven, iron and ironing board, and a washer and dryer right in our room! While we were there we ate delicious meals, enjoyed beautiful weather, did some fabulous shopping, marveled at the amazing scenery, relaxed in our sweet room, and simply bonded as a couple.
My treasures...a pink coach purse with matching scarf and wallet, and a pair of new white oakleys.
Jordan's treasures...a black ruger 1022 with large clip, and a new pair of sweet red and black oakleys.

Jordan at Park City

Me at Park City

Our Sweet new Oakley's

Our Rings

Grabbing an Ice Cream Cone at Smith and Edwards

Opening our wedding gifts

The BIG Day!

After I got home from Smith & Edwards everything started going crazy! I grabbed a bite to eat, headed over to shower and then rushed over to my hair appointment. While I was getting my hair done I received about 50 phone calls asking me where things were, what to do with this and that, reminding me to bring something and telling me to hurry up and get there. So after my hair was all done I sped up to my apartment, loaded my car full of pots and pans, dished, blankets, pictures frames, my wedding dress and accessories, and anything else I might need, then I zoomed over to the heritage center. When I got there everything went so fast. We hurried and set up the cake and chairs and everything else then I went to the dressing room to get changed. After I got changed we had to wait for Emma, the maid of honor, because she had left her shoes at my place and had to rush back there to get them. Then my grandparents were running a little late so we had to wait for them also. So, basically my wedding started 30 minutes late...I was not very happy about that at all!
Then, finally at 5:30pm I was able to walk down the aisle and get married. I had my cousins, paige and denisha, and my niece, Bailey carry my train down the aisle and they absolutely loved it. I was so nervous walking down the aisle, and I just kept telling myself, just smile and don't trip, just smile and don't trip. Then when I finally got up there and saw Jordan's smiling face everything was better, he had to keep telling my to breathe though. I'm glad he did because I just might have forgotten if he hadn't. Judge Terry Moore performed a beautiful ceremony, and after everything we were finally pronounced husband and wife.
When the wedding was over the picture overload began. After about the first 50 pictures I'm sure my smile was looking so fake and my cheeks were starting to hurt. But, all in all I think my wedding went great and I wouldn't change anything if I could. I am so happy that so many of my friends and family were able to come and share this special day with Jordan and I.
A quick sister pic before the craziness began.

Walking down the aisle

Me and my Daddy

Saying "I Do"

Kisses from Kade

Me and my momma

Hugs from Bailey

My cute Niece and Nephew

Grandma Betty, Me, Jordan, and Grandpa Floyd

Removing the Garter...Oh La La

Jordan and I by our decorated car

Inside the car...we had to pop some balloons just to be able to drive!

Preparing for the BIG day

On Friday, August 13th Jordan and I had a lot of errands to run. We had to go get my dress fixed, pick up his tux, organize everything for the wedding, and make sure my mom picked up the cakes from costco. I also had to get my hair and make-up done for my bridal pictures that we took the night before the wedding. After we got all of that done I headed over the hotel were the stewart's were staying and visited with them for a while.
The next day (our wedding day), we met them at their hotel again for some breakfast and more chatting. Then we all jumped into the cars and headed down to Smith & Edwards. Now some people thought I was crazy for going shopping on my wedding day but come on people it is SMITH AND EDWARDS! I just couldn't resist. While shopping Emma and I were able to play with our niece, Bailey, and our nephew, Kade. We had a blast shopping and hanging out with our family!
Trying on the Tux

Levi, my big brother, my daddy, and Reno, my little brother

Breakfast with Bailey and Emma

Kade loved riding on the cart at smith and edwards

It's Rodeo Time!!

On Thursday August 12th Jordan and I went to the Cache County Fair and Rodeo. We had a blast watching all of the events, and looking at all of the fun booths and carnival rides. We also ran into Rachel and Raeyne while we were there, they hardly recognized Jordan because he was all dressed up in his western clothes. After the Rodeo we went and picked up my wedding dress and headed home.
Our wristbands to get into the rodeo

Trying on Cowboy hats

Waiting for the Rodeo to begin

Our sweet boots!

Randy Munns

Just one of Jordan's many dream trucks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

BBQ Party

On Saturday night Jordan and I went to a little bbq party at Corey and Tricia's house. We had a blast!! They made us some yummy grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and corn, it was delicious! Then we watched some t.v., chatted while the boys played PS3, and played a few games. After a little while Skyler and Rachel came over with Raeyne, and we played spoons. We had a blast hanging out with our friends, and some family.

Jordan holding Corey and Tricia's daughter, Bentlie Ann :)

Jordan and Corey gamin'

Sometimes Jordan gets a little too into the game

Our boots

P.S. Our wedding is in 5 days!! I can hardly wait!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crazy Long Weekend :)

On Wednesday Jordan and I drove down to St. George. It is a 6 hour drive and we didn't even leave Logan until 7, which means we didn't get to St. George until 1 o'clock in the morning. We switched off driving every few hours so neither one of us got too tired. We we got to my parents house we went straight to bed.

Thursday, we had to wake up fairly early so that we could get into town in time for me to get my nails done, and get to my doctor's appointment on time. After those two fun things were done we met my mom and grabbed some lunch at Wendy's :) Then, my mom went home and me and Jordan did some shopping and went to the dollar movie, Iron man 2. When the movie got over we headed back to my house for some yummy stir fry made by my daddy, and cheese cake purchased by emma. After our tummies were good and full we hit the sack.
Shopping Time

When Friday rolled around we were very exhausted, but we had to wake up early and help my dad move some horses up to the Danish Ranch. Our job was to blocked the horses from going the wrong direction, drive the truck and trailer up to the Danish Ranch, and take pictures all at the same time. We got the horses up to the ranch without a hitch, then loaded a few horses into the trailer and headed back down. We both loved it and had a wonderful time. After that we went back down to St. George to run a few last minute wedding errands, and meet my parents for lunch at the Burger Place (one of my favorite places to eat). Then, it was time to head home, so we packed up our things, loaded the car with wedding supplies, and away we went. We stopped at my grandma's house on the way to pick up some more stuff for the wedding, and grab some dinner. We didn't get back to Logan until midnight or so, but the trip was well worth it.
Waiting to Hurd horses

A view from behind

My dad the Cowboy

Getting the horses into the trailer

Watching the horses

Taking a nap after our long morning

My daddy :)

Lunch at The Burger Place

The next day was Saturday, which meant I had to work up at the Lodge. When I was done with work we loaded up our camping gear, jumped in the car and headed up Providence Canyon with our friends Corey and Tricia. When we got there we set up camp, started a fire, and did some shooting. When we were done shooting we made some hamburgers for dinner and chowed down...they were so yummy! Then we sat around the camp fire chatting and making s'mores. I love camping, especially with Jordan :)
Driving up the bumpy road to our camp car almost didn't make it

Our sweet tent that Jordan sat up all by himself...what a man :)

We love shooting!

On Sunday we woke up, had some breakfast, packed up camp and headed back home. When we got home I had to change and head up to work, which was a bummer but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. After work I showered, and then Jordan I had went and hand delivered some of our wedding invitations. We went to Skyler and Rachels house, Corey and Tricia's house, and Johnny and Denise's house. It was so fun to be able to visit everyone, and to get to play with Raeyne and Bentley for a while.