Monday, April 30, 2012

6 Months-1/2 Birthday

Tuesday was Kinzlie's 1/2 Birthday! She is growing and developing so quickly and we are loving every minute of it. I have officially decided that this is my favorite age so far because she is so fun to play with and talk to :)
Since this was her 1/2 Birthday we decided to through her a little "birthday." I made her a half birthday cake and we tried to have her eat/play in it but she wasn't havin it. She didn't quite know what to do with the cake, and we tried to feed her some of it and she made the funnies face! I think it might be a little too sweet for her now but I'm sure in a few months she'll be loving it!
A Few Fun Facts About Kinzlie at 6 Months:
-Had her shots last week, cried the entire time we were at the pediatricians office
-She is now sitting up independently
-loves to talk and babble to herself, momma, and daddy
-She is cutting teeth on the bottom, the left one is coming in a little quicker than the right
-She has started to roll from her tummy to her back a little bit more, but her arm sometimes get stuck behind her and causes a bit of a speed bump situation that she can't get over which makes her really frustrated
-Enjoys chewing on and pulling hair (especially mommas!)
-Loves to swing at the park
-Loves going on walks in her stroller
-Started the PU/PD sleep training method, and it is going fairly well so far...she still falls asleep quickest with daddy though
-She is eating rice cereal, bananas, avocados, and carrots
-Her hair is coming in enough now that we can make a little baby mohawk
-Grandpa Spencer taught her to shake her head "no" and know she won't stop doing it, so I guess that's her new trick

She is learning new things everyday, and it is so fun to watch her learn and develop. Jordan and I love her so much and don't know what we'd do without her! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend

This year for Easter Jordan and I decided to go down to Fountain Green and Celebrate with the Ivorys.
We left Logan on Friday after Jordan got off work. We made a stop at the new city creek center shopping mall, and it was amazing! I could literally spend all day and millions of dollars in that place :) But, unfortunately we didn't get there until 7 and they closed at 9 so we will definitely be going back (hopefully real soon!)
After our little shopping adventure we headed on down to F.G. We got to my grandmas house around 10, chatted with the family then went to bed.
The next day we had a fun filled day of Easter activities. We dyed hard boiled eggs, then went up the mountain. On the mountain we had a little picnic, hunted for our Easter baskets, and flew kites. But, while we were up on the mountain Kinzlie had her first major blow out :( IT WAS EVERYWHERE!! We had to change her diaper, socks, onesie, outfit, and even her hair bow! I really hope we won't be having to go through that again any time soon! (Just one more reason I like our cloth diapers, little to no blow outs)
On Sunday we woke up, packed our bags, had a quick lunch and headed home. The traffic was pretty bad on the way home but what can you expect for Easter weekend.
We had a wonderful weekend, and had so much fun sharing all of our families Easter traditions with Kinzlie :)