Friday, August 20, 2010

The HoneyMoon

After all of our wedding craziness was over we hopped into the car and headed on down to Park City. We stayed at a place called the Silver Kind Lodge, and it was beautiful. We even had a dishwasher, oven, iron and ironing board, and a washer and dryer right in our room! While we were there we ate delicious meals, enjoyed beautiful weather, did some fabulous shopping, marveled at the amazing scenery, relaxed in our sweet room, and simply bonded as a couple.
My treasures...a pink coach purse with matching scarf and wallet, and a pair of new white oakleys.
Jordan's treasures...a black ruger 1022 with large clip, and a new pair of sweet red and black oakleys.

Jordan at Park City

Me at Park City

Our Sweet new Oakley's

Our Rings

Grabbing an Ice Cream Cone at Smith and Edwards

Opening our wedding gifts

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