Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Weekend

On Thursday Jordan and I did something that we have been wanting to do for a long time...we got library cards!! I haven't had a library card for a long time, and Jordan's never had one. So, after work we headed over to the local library and got them. Then, we checked out some books and movies, it was a blast. Then we went over to the D.I. where we saw the biggest pair of shoes ever!! They were a size 19, I can't even imagine how tall the guy that wore these must have been (maybe he was a USU basketball player that went pro lol). After our D.I. adventure we grabbed some dinner and headed over to Jordan's friend, Lynn's house, and we hung out there for a little while.

My sweet new library card

Jordan's shoe compared to the size 19 one

Jordan driving us to Lynn's house :)

Then, on Friday we both had the day off of work so we decided to go to Lagoon. I had received free tickets from a my work a while ago and so we decided to use them :) On the way down we stopped at Smith and Edwards (my favorite store ever!) and got some new stuff, then we headed on down the road to Lagoon. When we got there we rode a few rides, and then headed over to the Davis Pavilion where we got to see cirque innosta put on an acrobatic performance which was really cool. Then we grabbed some dinner and headed over to the old west town where we saw the old jail, and looked at the collection of old currency. After that we rode more rides, and called it a day.

cirque innosta

The cutest jail bird i know :)

Checkin out Lagoon's Sweet Coin and Currency Collection

On the top of the huge ferris wheel at lagoon

Saturday was Pioneer Day, so we went over to Willow Park to check out all of the festivities. We looked at all of the fun little craft booths, then got a bite to eat. After that we went to the Willow Park Zoo to see all of the animals. My favorite was the bald eagle, and Jordan loved the little monkeys :) After that we grabbed a blanket and some cold stone and went to the park to watch the fireworks.

The beautiful Bald Eagle

Just Chillin at the park

waiting for the fire works to start

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