Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4TH oF JuLy WeeKeND!

On Friday Jordan and I drove down to Ogden to go shopping for matching clothes to wear in our engagement pictures. We found some cute baseball shirts and some aeropostale shirts too. Then we went to dinner at Wang's Express. They had really good food, kind of like Panda Express.

Then, on Saturday we went swimming at the Logan Aquatic Center. We had a blast playing in the kiddie pool, going down the slides, and jumping off the diving board. Jordan even did a double back flip off the high dive which I thought was the coolest thing ever! After we were all done swimming we got all dressed up to watch the Cruising Parade. Jordan's little brother Taylor even had a friend in the parade. We watched all the cars and trucks drive main street for a while, then we decided to go to Jordan's house and watch a movie.

One of the sweet trucks at the cruising

Another awesome car. There were so many cool ones that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted pictures of!

Sunday was not too eventful because I had to work at the Lodge. There was a family up there having their family reunion which meant there was kids and clothes and sand everywhere. But, other than that it wasn't too bad.

Monday, the of our engagement session. I started off the day by picking out all of the outfits that I wanted to wear, then the shoes to go with them. Then I shined up my boots, and went to get my nails done. After that Jordan met me at Rumbi Grill for some lunch, which was delicious! Then, I went home, took and shower, and went to get my make up done at Dillards. After that I went home, did my hair, and went to meet Jordan and his mom at his house.

We left at about 5 to start taking pictures. We went to the laundromat first, then to adams park. After that we drove up to Smithfield to take pictures at a park there, and by an infamous red door. Then we drove up to Preston, ID to take a few pictures at the baseball diamonds where Jordan used to play high school baseball. That brought back some old memories for him of his glory days :)

When we were done taking pictures we headed over to Jordan's mom's house and hung out with them for a while. After that we grabbed some dinner at pizza villa and headed back to Logan. Wow, talk about a busy day, but it was definitely all worth it :)

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