Monday, July 12, 2010

Bridal Shower #2 and More :)

This past weekend has been very busy but fun none the less. On Friday Jordan, Taylor and I drove up to Weston Idaho to help their grandparents move. Landon, Kirsten, Dixon, and Dava were all up there helping move too. I kept Dava company while everyone else moved couches, beds, tables, and other furniture from the house into trailors. I had a lot of fun chatting with Dava and getting to know her a little bit better. Then at 9:30 we called it a night and headed back to Logan.

Dava, Dixon's wife

Jordan's Grandma Brenda who we helped move :)

Saturday was especially crazy. I had to go to work from 8:30-12:00 then hurry back down to Logan so that I could make it to my second bridal shower on time, which started at 1:00. I barely made it there on time, but no one seemed to mind. I had a blast hanging out with my future family, playing games, and eating delicious food. I also got some great gifts :) I am so happy that so many people were able to come and enjoy the afternoon with me.

Jordan's Mom, Trissa, and his niece Tressy

Jordan's Aunt Teresa and Grandma Sally

Jordan's Sister in Law, Rachel, and her beautiful daughter Raeyne

Jordan's little sister, Meygen, and her little brother, Carson

Jordan's little sister, Kirsten, holding his nieces Raeyne, and Tressy

Cute little Tressy

Tressy, and Raeyne (They were giving each other loves, but in this pic it looks like they are choking each other instead...oops!)

A few of my great gifts. Thanks again to all of my family and friends, I really appreciate it :)

While I was at work, Jordan was at a baby blessing for his friend's daughter, Bentlie Ann. He said that the blessing was very nice, and that Bentlie looks absolutely adorable in her little blessing dress. After the blessing they served a lite lunch, and then Jordan went home. I really wish I could have been there! I'll definitely have to go to the next one though :)

Mommy, Tricia, Daddy, Corey, and Baby Bentlie...what an adorable little family

Then, when we were all done with that we decided to go on a little trip down to Ogden. While in Ogden we got Jordan's hair cut because he said it was too long and got all sweaty under his hard hat...YUCK! Then we went to Dillards to get me some new sandals. After that we decided to grab some dinner at a Chinese restaurant and go to the movie Grown Ups. The movie was so funny, I mean come on it had Kevin James in it! Then, we called it a night and headed back up to Logan.

Jordan getting his hair washed before it gets cut.

My new sandals...oh man I love them!

On Sunday I had to work which was a total bummer, but such is life. When I got home I made these wonderfully delicious hi hat cupcakes. I got the recipe off of Martha Stewarts Website and I think they turned out pretty good. Then I took some over to Jordan's house, and we went on a walk to burn off some of those extra calories, which was a relaxing end to a crazy busy weekend.

The Outside

The Inside

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