Monday, June 28, 2010

A Weekend in Fountain Green

This past weekend Jordan and I made a trip down to Fountain Green for my cousin's wedding. We left Saturday after Jordan got off of work. We stopped in Del Taco for some yummy chicken soft tacos and while we were there we hit 90,000 miles on my car. We did have to drive the last little bit in a parking lot. We drove in circles until the speedometer was right on 90,000. All of the people in the parking lot thought we were crazy but we had to get it just right :)

We were so excited :)

When we got to FG we had to start getting ready for the wedding right away. We all got dressed up in our sunday best and heading up to my Aunt's house, where the wedding was going to be held.

My cousin Weston and his new wife Saydee had a beautiful ceremony and reception. Seeing them getting married and being so happy together just makes me that more excited about my wedding :)

My Uncle Wes, Aunt Carey, Weston, Saydeez, Shelby, and Amanda

Paige, Emma and I playing with the camera at the Wedding

Me and Jordan at the wedding :)

Then, after the wedding Jordan and I decided to go on a little walk up by the springs in FG. This is a really special place to my parents because it's where my dad proposed to my mom, so we figured we would go and check it out.

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