Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kinzlie says the Funniest Things

Kinzlie is quite the character and has such a cute little personality :) She is always saying funny things so I decided to jot some down so we don't forget.

-"what does Santa say?" Ho ho ho merry christmas tree
-"what does the fox say?" Ding ding ding (based on the song "what does the fox at by ylivis)
-" what does daddy say?" No no no
-" what does momma say?" Weee wee weee (while playing worlds smallest violin)
- " what does kinzlie say?" (Blows kisses)
- whoo-she (we don't really know what it means but she says it when she's "reading" stories)
- Bowen (we don't know what this means either but whenever she says it she sticks her arms straight out with her hands flexed)
- morning sunshine
- nastics on Wednesday
- I need this
- ah I'm naked (whenever she changes her clothes or take a bath)
-cars don't squish us (when we cross a parking lot or road)

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