Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kinzlie at 25 months

-she loves buzz light year and watching toy story
-she is very good at climbing things to get what she wants (climbs up high chair and chairs to get to snacks/cake/candy)
-she is very friendly and says "hi guys" or "hey everybody's" to random groups of people
-she goes to gymnastics(nastics) on Wednesdays and absolutely loves it! She has memorized all of the stretches and does them at home all of the time :)
-she is potty trained but still wears pull ups at naps and night time
-she loves to look at little babies and wants to hold them (I think she'll be a great big sister)
-she plays really good with other kids whether it's at nursery, gymnastics, or the doctors office
-she is very smart and has a mind or her own 
-when she sleeps she has to have all of her toys and stories in bed with her and be covered with at least 10 different blankets
-she likes to sing (abcs, twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, patty cake, ring around the Rosie and old McDonald)
-she is working on learning her colors, shapes, and numbers
-she loves reading stories

A day in our life
8:30 wake up/potty/breakfast
9:30 tidy up the upstairs
10:30 movie/tv/play time
12:30 stories and nap time
2:30 kinzlie wake up/lunch time
3:00 playtime
4:30 fix dinner
5:00 daddy home/dinner time
6:00 play down stairs
9:00 bath/story/brush teeth/prayer/bed time

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