Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Pregnancy Update

Yesterday, Thursday October 13 I had another doctor's appointment. When I got there they tested my blood pressure, which was a little high so they had to retest it and it came back normal the second time which was good :) After that I went in to get checked by the doctor. She told me that I am dilated to a 3+, I am 70% effaced, and I baby went from being at a -2 last week to a -1 this week. She also asked me if I wanted to have my membranes stripped and I told her no. I just want this baby to come when she's good and ready, and as naturally as possible.
My doctor also told me that she is going to be out of town for about 5 days next week. I don't really know how I feel about that but I guess it's something I'll have to get over if the baby does decide to come during that time. I have never met the doctor that is going to be covering for her but, I have heard great things about him so that's a plus.
My next doctors appointment is next Tuesday the 18th right before my doctor leaves. I am kind of nervous about that appointment and excited too because I could be farther along than I am now, but if I am that will mean that I have to deliver with a different doctor.
Jordan is so ready for this little girl to be here so he can kiss and love on her. I on the other hand am perfectly content with her not showing up until her due date or even a little after :) We have her nursery pretty close to being done(I'll post pictures on my next post) and we've got all of the hospital bags all packed and ready to go. The only pregnancy symptoms that are bothering me at this point are a little bit of heartburn and my hands going numb every once in a while. Other than that I haven't really been having any problems or pains that I can't handle.

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