Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

This year for Easter we decided to stay in town and have Easter with Jordan's family instead of going to my Grandmas for Easter.

We began our Easter Sunday by attending the Willow Valley Family ward. We haven't quite decided whether we want to go to the family ward or the married student ward yet, so we gave the family ward a try.

After church we changed our clothes and headed up to Jordan's grandparents house in Preston, Idaho. We had a yummy Easter dinner there and visited with the family. Then, after dinner we went over to Jordan's mom's house for some Easter egg hunting. After we were all done hunting we all opened up our eggs, and I found out that I was the Grand Prize Winner! So, I won a huge easter egg full of every different kind of candy was so much fun!

Later, we went shooting with Jordan's step dad and his family out out the shooting range. We both took our 22's and shot those for a while, then we got to shot some 270's and 223's which kick a lot more than our little 22's but they were still fun to shoot. We both had a blast shooting and bonding with the family.

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