Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Week

This year Jordan and I decided to go to a lot of the local events and activities for Independence day so that we could start some new traditions with Kinzlie.
Our week of celebration started on the third of July. We were able to visit Jordan at work (he is working graveyards) go onto one of the rooftops and eat dinner while watching the freedom fireworks at USU. I really think we had the best seats in the house! It was so much fun to visit Jordan at work, and to be able to spend that time with him. Although I was surprised that Kinzlie did so well, I really thought she would cry with all of the loud noises but she absolutely loved them! She was mesmerized by all of the bright colors and flashing lights.
The next day was the 4th of July so we decided to head out the Lewiston for all of their festivities. We went to the rodeo(which was Kinzlie's first rodeo), then we walked over to the park where we had some yummy Navajo tacos for lunch then took a stroll around to look at all of the fun booths. We were pretty exhausted after all of that so we headed home to take a nap before the big fireworks show. After our nap we drove back out to Lewiston so that we could get a good spot for the show. We all loved watching the huge firework show, but Kinzlie was so tired from all of the fun we had that she actually fell asleep during the middle of them.
On Friday Jordan and I took a date night out to the Cruising to look at all of the fun booths, and check out all of the amazing classic cars. Then, Saturday we got to watch the cruising parade with some of our friends and family. We had so much fun that we decided to have Trissa watch Kinzlie while we went and drug main with a few of our friends. It was so much fun and reminded me a lot of my high school days :)

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