Thursday, July 26, 2012

9 Months

My baby girl is 9 months old today :) She is growing and developing so much each and every day. Kinzlie has such a cute and sweet little personality! Jordan and I love playing with her, making her laugh, and showing her all of the fun things this big world of ours has to offer :)
A few fun facts about Kinzlie at 9 Months:
-Whenever she gets really tired she pulls her bow out or pulls at her hair
-a few weeks ago she had her first diaper rash and I felt so bad for her :(
-she is such a good little sleeper, she can put herself to sleep, sleeps through the night (9 to 12 hours a night), and even slept through the fire works on the fourth of July
-kinzlie loves to be outside, whether it's watching the horse next door, taking a walk or just pulling at the grass she just loves being outside :)
-we have started to brush her teeth and she seems to be enjoying it
-she loves watching fireworks and parades and has gotten a lot of oth this month
 -she is also getting her two front top teeth in, her right one is sticking out a little more than the left one but they seem to both be coming in nicely (and she hasn't been too ornery so that's been nice)
-we weighed her this month but I'd guess she weighs about 25lbs but she has her 9 month check up next week so well know for sure then Now for the fun stuff....Pictures! :D

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