Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny Weekend~21st Birthday~Pregnancy Update

Here in Cache Valley we never really have a set time for spring to begin or end. One day it's snowing and the next it's sunny and beautiful. So, whenever we do have a nice spring day everyone is outside taking advantage of it (Which is exactly what Jordan and I did this weekend)

On Friday I went with my work down to lagoon in Farmington, Utah. We had Physics day at Lagoon all day long, leaving at 6:45am and returning to Logan around 7:00pm. I had a lot of fun at Lagoon, even though I couldn't ride any of the rides. It was just a beautiful day to be outdoors. That same day Jordan had a company golf tournament in Salt Lake. He played pretty well and his team took 3rd place.

Then, on Saturday Jordan didn't have to work so we decided to have some more fun in the sun. We started out the day looking at garage sales all over the valley. I think we went a little too late because all of the "good stuff" was taken. So we decided to head on over to Burgerz Express in Smithfield to grab some lunch. After lunch we went grocery shopping, then went out to the driving range. We only hit a half bucket of balls but we had a great time doing it. Then, we went to the Willow park zoo to get a snow cone and look at all the fun animals. We had a lot of fun, and I hope we will be able to do more fun summer activities sometime soon :)

On Sunday I woke up to breakfast in bed made by my wonderful hubby. He made pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, and orange juice and it was all so yummy. After breakfast we got ready and went to church. Then, later that night we went over to Johnny and Denise's house for my family birthday dinner, and to watch a movie. We had so much fun hanging out with the family and playing with Raeyne.

Monday was my 21st birthday!! The ladies at my work made me a yummy chocolate cake, and took me to lunch at the olive garden, which was so delicious!! Then, later that day Jordan and I met up with our friends at the White Owl and had dinner. Jordan got me two wedding bands and a white leather Dooney and Bourke handbag for my birthday which I love!! Over all I had a very wonderful birthday and I can't wait for next year :)

Pregnancy Update
Tiny bones forming in baby's ears mean she can now pick up your voice. A few more minuscule changes: Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and was able to hear the baby's heart beat again. It is at 150 beats per minute which the doctor says is just where it should be. I have my next doctor's appointment on June 7th, and at that time we should be able to find out the sex of our baby which we are both very excited about. :)

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