Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl Party

This year Jordan and I decided to have a SuperBowl Party at our place. We had been talking about it for a week or so and when we finally decided that we were going to have one it was only 3 days before the actual SuperBowl. So, I had to hurry and do some football research, like who was playing (Steelers Vs. Packers), and what time the game was starting. After I did all of that I had to make an event on facebook, make the menu, create a grocery list, clean the house, go grocery shopping, and cook all of the yummy food and snacks.
On the menu: White Chili
Corn Bread
Chips and Chinese Salsa
Chocolate overload cupcakes
So, on Saturday Jordan and I did some grocery shopping, and major house cleaning to get everything all ready for the big day. Then, on Sunday, we went to church (our first time as a married couple, and at the married student ward), then came home and started cooking. Everyone started showing up around 3, which was just perfect because I had just put the final touches on all of the cupcakes, and everything else was ready to go.
The game was great, and the commercials were a lot of fun to watch as well. But, I think the two most talked about topics of this SuperBowl was the fact Christina Aguilera messed up the National Anthem, and the sound at the half time show was absolutely terrible! But, other than that everything went pretty well.

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