Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

On Friday Jordan and I got off work early so we could head down to St. George for the long weekend. We left at 1:30pm and pulled into Leeds around 7:30pm. We then met my parents and went to dinner at Bajio. After dinner Jordan and I went and cruised the town. We drove up to Dixie rock, and cruised the vard for a while. After a few hours of driving, chatting, and bonding we headed on back to Leeds and called it a night.
We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning so that we could help bring horses down off of the Danish ranch. Jordan, Emma, and I were the official handy people/camera men. When we got home from the Danish we washed off a bit and headed over to Hurricane to enjoy peach days. Emma had to go to work, so Jordan, Reno and I walked through the booths, watched the lovely entertainment, and played some pioneer games. After that we went over to Lin's to visit Emma at work, she looked like she was having way too fun to be at work though. We then headed home, played rook, watched the farley family reunion, and hit the sack.
On Sunday we woke up, packed up the truck and headed to the Grand Canyon. We made one stop along the way and that was at Jacob's Lake so that my dad could get some lemon zucchini cookie. After that we headed on up the road. When we finally got to the Grand Canyon there were people everywhere! We all walked out on to brighty's point. We took some pictures, and looked at the beautiful scenery. After that we headed over to imperial point, which is another part of the Grand Canyon, and ate a yummy picnic lunch made by my mommy. When we were done with lunch we drove back to St. George, we were all so sleepy that we took a nap on the way back (well all of us except for Reno because he was driving lol). When we got home Jordan and I hopped into the car, drove down to St. George, and barely made it in time for the movie Grown Ups. We had seen it before, but it was just as funny the second time. After the movie we went back to Leeds, and went straight to bed.
Monday, we packed up our things, said good bye to the family and were on the road. We stopped in Nephi to drop off some things to my grandma, and at Ikea to pick up some things for our new home (pictures coming soon!). We made in home around 8:00pm which gave us just enough time to unpack our bags, get ready for school and work the next day, and catch some Zzz's. We had a very busy but fun weekend down in the warmth with my family.

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