Thursday, September 15, 2016

Baby Boy Allen- Pregnancy Update

Today I had my final ultrasound to track baby boy's growth and development. He is definitely still a boy, weighs about 5lbs 4oz and had a heartbeat of 155bpm. He is in the 34th percentile and right on track. I figured since I'm nearing my due date I might as well fill out a pregnancy questionair so, here it is:
How far along are you: 35 weeks
Total weight gain: 14lbs
Maternity clothes: yes
Food Cravings: peaches and mexican food
Labor signs: pressure in hips but no contractions or braxton hicks
Wedding ring on/off? On :)
Happy or Moody: I say pretty happy but Jordan might disagree
-I have noticed that my 'pregnancy brain' has been a lot worse this go 'round.
-We are pretty set on the name Creed Wheeler Allen
-Nesting hasn't quite set in yet but I think it's because I am in disbelief of how far along I am, and how fast this pregnancy has flown by!
-We still need to set up his nursery and pack our hospital bags

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