Monday, August 3, 2015


So every so often I get an inch to make a blog post and today is one of those times  :) I have decided to do a little update of our family, life, and what has been going on lately. 
Let's start with the man of the house, Jordan. He is currently working at Weber State doing some electrical work for CR lighting and Electric. He is currently applying for a new job at Herff Jones. His dad told him about the job a few weeks ago, he has turned in his resume and is now just waiting for the interview. I am hoping that he gets the job because it will be closer to home and he will be making more money. 
I am still a stay at home mom and loving it! I also work at Kohls a few days a week which is fun. Lately I have been trying to get all of our new schedules figured out so that we can start the new school year off with a bang!
Kinzlie is now 3 years old (46 months). She will be starting sunbeams, dance, music, and pre school this year. She is so excited and can hardly wait for all of her activities to start. She also loves to drive past her pre school and check it out. She loves performing and is always singing, dancing or attempting to play the piano. It's especially funny when she says ,"and now for the finale!!" She is so full of life and is such a little comedian. Kinzlie loves tellin jokes and playing with her my little pony toys. She is such a great big sister and loves helping momma with baby boston. 
Boston is now 1 1/2 (20 months). He will be starting nursery, and music class this fall. He does really well in nursery which makes my job a lot easier. This will be his second year in music class and he seemed to really enjoy it last year so I'm hoping it will go well this year too. He is such a funny kids and a quick little learner. He did resently get tested for a little speech delay but he tested average or above average in all areas of the test. He loves reading books and playing with his toy cars. He is also really good at throwing balls (and toys). Boston can say book, up, please stop, snack, momma, dadda, sissy, no, go, shoe, and hat. He is learning new words every day and we couldn't be prouder of him. 
Well that's all for out little family update. Hopefully it won't be too long before the next one :) 

P.S. This past month we also had to get rid of our family pet Korona. It was hard and we still miss her every day but I think she is doing better now with a family that has more time for her. 

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