Monday, March 31, 2014

Boston at 2/3 months

My little guy is getting bigger and bigger every day! I am happy that he is healthy abs growing but in sad that he's not a tiny little newborn any more. At his 3 month well baby check up he was ---inches tall and weighed----. 
-he is a little bum skootcher. Whenever I sit him up against something (pillows, the couch, his bouncy chair) he uses his bum and legs to skootch down until he is nice and comfy 
-he is a pretty mellow little guy and doesn't cry too much which is nice
-he keeps to a normal sleep schedule he is usually up for the day around 8:30 takes a nap from 11:30-2:30 and goes to bed around 9 (he sometimes wakes up between 3-5 am for a change and another feeding but goes right back to bed after that)
-I am still breast feeding him for the most part but he does get 3-4 bottles of formula daily during sleeping times. He does really well transitoning from the breast to the bottle and vise versa 
-last week we heard his first belly laugh and I was absolutely adorable! Kinzlie was jumping on the bed and falling in her bum and boston thought that was hilarious! Since then Jordan a has been able to make him laugh too :)
- he does not like tummy time and cries the whole time he is on his stomach until we pick him up 
-he does a good job at holding his head up and is getting stronger every day 

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