Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Fun :)

This past weekend was a blast. Jordan and I went and bought our first Christmas tree together, and got it all set up in our living room. We had so much fun picking out our own lights, ornaments, ribbon, and tree toppers, and decorating it however we wanted. I love our beautiful Christmas tree, and I know I'll be very sad when the time comes to take it down.

On Saturday Jordan and I went over to our friend's house, Corey and Tricia, and had a little party. Skyler and Rachel even came over to hang out with all of us. We ate some yummy food, played monopoly, played with baby Bentlie, told stories, laughed, and had an all around great time.

We love hanging out with them, and I hope that we'll be able to get together a lot more this holiday season :)

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  1. Your blog is so cute! Thanks for sharing your url with me. :]