Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Fall Festivities

This past week Jordan and I have been enjoying some of the fun fall festivities around Cache Valley. I made some yummy sugar cookies, but they were devoured before I was able to get a picture of them. Then, on Saturday we went to dinner at Formosa and had some delicious sweet and sour chicken and rice. After dinner we headed over to the Pumpkin Walk in Elk Ridge Park. It was raining a little bit but nothing we couldn't handle. We walked around and saw all of the cute pumpkin displays. The theme this year was "The Magic of Animation," so all of the scenes were from animated movies, and were all very creative. After we were done looking at all of the pumpkin scenes we took some pictures with the cardboard cut outs of different animated characters, which was a lot of fun!

On Sunday Jordan and I decided to do a little pumpkin carving ourselves, after we had been so inspired by the Pumpkin Walk. So, we went to Smith's, picked out the bestest pumpkins we could find, and headed home to start carving them. I decided to make an owl sitting on a tree branch and Jordan did a skull on his pumpkin. They both turned out very good, and we had a blast making them!

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  1. Oh i miss Logan and all that fun Fall stuff they do...